Top 10

Monday, November 30, 2009

10. We had a great Thanksgiving, and now all the excitement can be on my very favorite holiday...Christmas! LA station Kost 103.5 is now playing Christmas music. You can listen live online.

9. This one is hilarious. On Thanksgiving, my mom's incredibly awkward friend walked in to the living room and started a conversation with "so I got a pap smear yesterday..." The reasoning behind that opening was to share a story about her doctor being young. Why not just say "I was at the doctor" or even "I went to the gynecologist yesterday" and..

OR {and call me crazy here} you could try "nice weather we're having lately" or "do you have any weekend plans?"... What ever happened to normal conversation.

We now like to begin sentences the same way, and also like to come up with other inappropriate conversation starters. It's fun. I think my mom is really enjoying it.

Then at dinner, she discussed someone that slept with her therapist. And one more thing. I ran an errand after dinner and heard that while I was gone she ate a piece of pie with a knife. Not a fork and knife. Just a knife.

8. I went out with the girls {from high school} Friday night. We went to dinner with Stacy's boyfriend, and then headed to a bar in Venice. One of the 5 of us is missing in this photo. We will get a photo of everyone together next month.

Stacy, me, Jodee, and Alex. I love my girls.

7. Lunch and shopping with Alex {she's pictured above} on Saturday. We had lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and shopped on 3rd Street.

I got this top at Urban Outfitters.
{I will obviously wear it with a little tank underneath}

6. The Dancing with the Stars wrap party.

5. I think I made official New Years plans, and it looks like I'll be out of town!

4. I have a new scrapbook kit available at Polka Dot Plum. I designed the papers while I was flying from Indianapolis to LA. This may be my favorite kit so far. I absolutely love it.

3. Thanksgiving desserts. This year's beautiful apple pie and my little cheesecakes made with the adorable pumpkin cheesecake pan that Angela gave me for my birthday.

A photo of the finished product. Horrible lighting, but you get the idea.

These were so cute, and so so so delicious.

2. I went to the flea market this afternoon with my sister. We saw this guy. And my sister knew who he was. Only Jess would be able to spot someone from a canceled Mi*scha Barton show.

1. Tonight's episode of Dexter was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Hope you all have a great week. I have so much catching up to do!


  1. WOW- I wouldn't have recognized him and he's CANADIAN!!

  2. Hi! I do this in bullet points ;)
    -One of the local stations here is now playing nothing but Christmas music and I think it’s fantastic!
    -I cannot stand getting cornered into awkward conversations with family/non-family members like that. Who says those things and how do you eat pie with a knife?!? Strange.
    -That’s awesome that you still keep in touch with girls from high school. I miss a lot of my gf’s from those days. We keep in touch on FB, but it’s not the same.
    -The top you got from Urban Outfitters is really pretty!
    -That is really fun that you got to go to the wrap party for DWTS! The photo is too cute!
    -The new scrapbook kits are adorable! I especially like the 2nd one.
    -Your pie and cheesecake looks so professional! Hello, Martha Stewart!
    -That is so funny that your sister spotted a celeb at a flea market. I would not have known who the guy was either.
    -I need to start watching Dexter! I hear nothing but great things about that show.

  3. LOVE this and love that blouse!!!! :)

  4. Great list and that pie really is awesome!

  5. Your Thanksgiving desserts look amazing! YUM!

  6. what a fun list!! you look so beautiful in that pic with you girls!! your mom's friend seems QUITE interesting! haha. THAT TOP IS AWESOMENESS!! I need it.