DWTS Wrap Party!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last night, I attended the Dancing With the Stars wrap party with my friend Sheila {she brought me as her plus 1}. Such a good friend. We have known each other for 20 years now. I'm so old.

I actually had lots of fun even though I've never seen an episode of DWTS. I met some really nice people, had some good food, and took some ridiculously cheesy photos.

My face looks HUGE here.

One day, I will master the jumping photo.

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  1. HAHA!!! Love it!!! And you're right, only in LA!! LOL..

    And you're getting there on the jumping photo, definitely getting there :)

  2. Very cool!! Sounds like a lot of fun:)

  3. The hubs and I watch all of the DWTS seasons, and when I saw that you were at the after party (from your twitter post), I wondered if you would blog about it! Glad you got to go!

  4. OMG, these pictures are hilarious. Looks like so much fun even though I also, have never seen an episode of dwts.