Top 10

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I usually write my top 10's on Sunday, but had such a busy day yesterday that I couldn't find the time. I ran a few errands and met up with my sister. We went to Whole Foods {for the salad bar and some pumpkins} and to a craft shop. Then, I went to yoga. I was 30 min late and did not realize it until I put my mat down {mortifying} and at that point, it would have been more of a disruption if I walked out. After yoga, my sis and I did some crafts, and then I worked on my new kit, watched Housewives & Brothers and Sisters, and went to bed.

So there you have it.

And here is my top 10.

10. I have a little fall cheer going on in my room. Ignore the horrible lighting.

Banner from I Sew Lucky.

I made this banner last night.
The spider window sticker adds a little extra something to the lamp, don't you think?

Love the wheat {from Whole Foods}.

9. New scrapbook kit.

8. I love my DVR. I am about to watch Gossip Girl and Dexter.

7. I love this girl. We had a great talk tonight.

6. I had dinner with my friend Sheila on Saturday night. I hadn't seen her in a really long time {like 6-8 months!}. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her. Can you believe we've been friends for about 20 years?!

Taken in a cab in SF back in 2005. Or 2006. Not really sure.
I do know that I am getting old.

Update. I was way off. Sheila told me the trip was in 07. I really am getting old.

5. My cats are amazing.

I have never seen two cats become such good friends so quickly. The two of them are good pals with the pup, too. It's pretty amazing.

4. I discovered the amazingness of SKII this weekend. My sis and I both purchased their air touch foundation. It is seriously incredible. We both had a skin analysis done, and it turns out my skin is above average, but that it's very very dry. I'm talking literally NO oil on my face dry. After just a day of using SKII's essence, I can feel the moisture in my skin. It wasn't cheap, but I never splurge on makeup/face products, but this is my face we're talking about, here. Figure I should take care of it. Maybe it'll even save me the cost of a few botox injections some day ;)

I found a video so you can see how amazing the foundation is. You can't feel it and my skin tone looks so great when I wear it!

3. My sis {who lives for celeb gossip} showed this to me yesterday. While I am obviously not a reader of this magazine, I do think this is really funny:

Yes. Marge Simpson will be on the cover of Pla*yboy. For real.

2. Little People Big World is back. Not my favorite show, but I still like it.

1. I am still going to yoga classes, and have found that at the end of class I am actually able to relax. I can sit in the quiet and not have anything on my mind {which usually goes at 25,638 miles per minute}. I'm not actually any good at it yet, but learning to relax is a huge step for me.

It's 10:00 and I am getting off the computer to go watch GG and Dexter {if I can stay up that long}. I am really tired! Goodnight!


  1. marge simpson really!? haha. i love that you're so festive,, i love those white and orange pumpkins to, I have one on my desk :)

  2. Loving the fall cheer in your bedroom. The little pumpkins are so cute!

  3. I love the wheat! If you come to Kansas, we could have given you some for free! ;)

  4. Love all your fall decor and that is just stinkin hilarious about Marge Simpson being on the cover of Playboy, haha!!!

  5. your cats are precious! Loving all your fall goodies!!

  6. I LOVE your fall/Halloween decor! So cute.
    And I love your Mac ;)

  7. Playboy has great articles. It is not a bad thing to read it. They are famous for their great interviews.

    Little People- I think Amy and I would be good friends.

    Cats- they are so cute together. I love it.

  8. I love your decorations! Perfect. My husband told me about the Playboy cover. He's a huge Simpsons fan. I'm watching Gossip Girl on DVR right now.

  9. Loving your cute bedroom! Also that foundation looks amazing!! I just wish it wasnt so expensive :( You should do a before and after shot of your skin. I think we all want to see :)

  10. Your fall decorations are adorable! Put mine to shame!

  11. your fall decorations look fantastic!! looks very relaxing. i started doing yoga at home and i love it. it is so relaxing.

  12. Yes, you should definitely catch up on OTH, it's worth it, it's a great season!