Dear mattress company

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear mattress company,

Please explain why the bottom of my box spring is covered by something that resembles tissue paper. I would like to know why you cover planks of wood and some sort of stuffing with something that can be torn open so easily.

I have a problem. I got a new kitten two weeks ago. He's really cute. Just see for yourself.

He enjoys lots of things we enjoy. Whether it's a nice nap, or some good old fashioned television.

But this? Not so fun. You're wondering where he is, aren't you? Look closer. Here is another shot. He got his {not so little} friend in on the fun.

I'll bet you're catching on now. You mattress people are so smart.

My cat managed to tear this "material" that you chose to cover the bottom half of a box spring, and has been hanging out in there. Now I don't know about you, but I don't want my cat hanging out in my box spring. All that unfinished wood, stuffing, and springs. Not safe.

So today, I was forced to check out this little mess.

Now imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to move this from one location to another. Looks pretty trashy. Don't you think?

Well, I had to improvise, because I could not leave it like this. And I'm pretty certain that what I did made the box spring even trashier than the image above. Prepare yourselves.

Yes, that's an old white tank top turned rag, and below, I stapled an envelope to cover a little hole. Do I get any points for using an old Ralph Lauren tank?

Imagine what I could have done if I only had some duct tape.

So. Mattress people. You may want to reconsider covering your box springs with something a bit more sturdy.

Give it some thought. I'm off to relax on my trashy mattress.

Thank you,



  1. I guess they aren't expecting someone's cat to rip it apart! I am sure your cat would've managed to get in there no matter what fabric was on it!

  2. So, if you get in your bed and the cats are in their hiding place, could it hurt them? You know me, I would be freaked out. Ha!

  3. My son did the same thing.. well he didn't go up inside the bed but he ripped the lining.. so yeah, I agree.
    Good improvising!

  4. Yep- Had the same problem w/ our cat & our mattress. ;)

  5. Oh my god. I love your patch-work! Our cats did that all the time too.

  6. I applaud your ingenious use of a tank top! Though I must admit I did giggle just a little bit. Who knew kitties could wreck such havoc? (spoken as a dog person whose pup once ate an entire riding helmet!)

  7. those pictures are adorable. My cat did that too as a kitten. They are so creative aren't they. It's been a while since I've visited and I I have to say, love the look of your blog. Hope all is going well with you and your biz :)

  8. So funny. I just wrote a post a few days ago that included this very thing. If you figure out how to fix the problem, let me in on your secret.

  9. This was hilarious! I'm sure you are not laughing...but your kitten is really cute.

  10. well maybe it is a little ghetto but whatever works, huh? i agree about the cover - wth is up with that?

  11. My cat did the same thing....only she was pregnant and ended up giving birth inside the box springs! We had to completely rip the cover off to make sure all the kittens were out.