best. sale. ever.

so, i was looking through shopbop on monday, wondering when the next sale would begin. i have some credit, but wanted to make the most of it. and you can guess what happened tuesday. this sale is one of my favorites–they only do it a few times a year, but everything is 25% off. it's when i stock up on hanky pankys.

also, my leopard espradilles sold out, but these are still in stock. get them before they vanish.

here are a few of my favorites. all 25% off. 

13. kate spade sandals 14. joie dress 15. gorjana necklace 16. gorjana ring 17. kate spade watch

if you could have any two items in this post, what would you choose?


Breakfast at Toast Moving Sale!

I have a few more items that need to go and thought I'd update what's still for sale. Moving in just under two weeks, so I'm hoping to sell everything this week. Email me with the item name and your offer. Cash and pickup in the Chicago area only. No shipping!

 I decided that I really love my nightstands, but they're too big for my new room and have to go
$350 for the set

West Elm coffee table

30x40 original painting by Cocoa and Hearts
$400 or best offer

Breville juicer
$100 or best offer


deal of the week: j. crew camille dress

one of my favorite dresses (I have it in neon rose) is on sale!
originally $149 and on sale for $83.99

and this one isn't a deal at all, but I really, really like it.


the new apartment: ideas for my new bedroom + a sale

First came this bedroom. So bright and white. With a touch of color.

Then this one. It's hard to tell, but the walls are a very light blue.

And in just a few weeks, I'll be moving to my third Chicago apartment. I'm obviously going to keep my grey tufted headboard forever and ever because a. it's tufted and b. it's grey. And I wouldn't get sell my white dresser for anything.

I do love my nightstands but may sell them and buy these because they're just so pretty and I want my room to feel a bit lighter. Or is that a huge mistake? I'm going to use my jute dining room rug instead of the dark grey one that's in my current bedroom, and will paint the walls light grey. Shocker.

And on to the sale!

I will be selling this rug (size 5x8) for $350 SOLD
The 30x40 Cocoa and Hearts artwork with custom frame that was above the sofa in my living room for $400.
I'll consider selling these nightstands if anyone is interested. Name your price.
West Elm coffee table for $300 
Crate and Barrel dining table for $300 SOLD

If you're in the Chicago area, email me for more info.

all photos by stoffer photography


goodbye, lakeview

I found a place in a random neighborhood in Chicago that was just too good to pass up. I'll miss my morning walks by the lake but think this is a good move. At least I hope so. Bigger apartment. Outdoor space. An office. Lower rent. Shorter cab rides downtown. And it will take 15 min to get to the gym instead of 35-40 min. Each way.

I may have moved from LA to Chicago, but I really don't like change. I know people go through much bigger things than this, but it just stresses me out. I was pretty anxious moving from River North to Lakeview, but once I got here, adjusted very quickly. I am a creature of habit and like consistency and familiarity. And then there's the packing.

This will push me outside my comfort zone, I'll save money on rent each month, have more space, and will adapt to a new neighborhood. It's a good move. I'm going to go with it.

My place is available May 1! It's a GREAT apartment, so if you know someone looking to move to Lakeview, email me!


a much needed break

Wine tastings, amazing meals, and gorgeous vineyards. On a Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday, too. Obviously not a normal week for me, but that's been my life the past few days, and it's been wonderful. The fresh, organic food and sunshine work for me. And the wine. I love wine.

I struggled for a few weeks leading up to this trip. I know how lucky I am to have what I do (job, home, family, friends, health, etc), but even when you're grateful for what you have, which I am, that doesn't mean things always feel great. I feel like I have more "balance" although I don't really like that word because there are days, weeks, and even months when things won't feel balanced, and that's ok. It's not always in our control. But we can control how we handle it. The past few weeks were pretty rough. I felt overextended and burned out.

I am generally a happy person, but anxiety and stress can get the best of me sometimes. When there are endless projects to work on, I tend to stress out. I have to answer email as soon as possible. A full inbox really stresses me out–this is something I know I need to work on.

I spent most of the past few weeks and weekends trying to catch up on work. I even napped, and I only nap when I'm burned out or when I'm sick. I love naps, but I've never been very good at them. The Friday before my trip, I planned on working out after work but I decided to skip my workout and stayed home to rest. I skipped my Saturday morning workout too. This might sound crazy to some, but Saturday morning workouts are one of my favorite times of the week and no matter how tired or "busy" my days are, it's very rare that I'll miss a workout. I like to think this means I'm learning to take better care of myself. I would normally go anyway, but was just so unbelievably tired and needed some time off. And that's why I'm writing this post. 

So I work all day, head to the gym in the late afternoon, come home, have dinner, and spend the rest of the night at the computer. Fortunately, I've been able to work out regularly the past few weeks which has been the greatest thing for me. Losing my workouts was really, really tough. CrossFit is my happy place–it's the one hour of the day I can completely check out from anything I'm dealing with. And that's not to say CrossFit is the answer to everything for everyone, because that's not the case. It's my thing, and I love it. Join a running club, art class, book club, or anything that will put you in a situation where you can connect with others and do something you love.

At the end of the day, I have that thing I love and that's great, but I just needed a break. That's not to say that every time you're tired you should skip the gym, cancel your plans, and just sit on your couch, but there are those times you need to check out. You can't and don't have to do it all. And if you don't put your needs first, no one else will.

This trip to Napa couldn't have come at a better time. I know it's not every day that work takes you someplace this beautiful, and I feel very lucky to have been able to go on this media tour. I am heading back to Chicago feeling refreshed and I hope that I've learned something the past few weeks. The late nights are going to happen, but I'm going to space them out. I'll make sure I take at least 2 nights a week to unwind, even when things are crazy. I know this isn't the end of my stress, but I'm learning to manage it. I'm learning to find some balance amidst the craziness. Even though I've been doing this for years, it's still a journey. A learning experience. We're always learning, and I hope this serves as a reminder to put yourself first.

And also know that no matter how great someone's life may seem, it's not perfect. So quit comparing yourself to others.

Do you deal with anxiety? What do you do when your stress levels are higher than normal?